Outstand your Company's Potential

Who we are

The "Wiz Kids of Lisbon" founded F3F in 2011 and have been leading the company ever since.

What started with 2 persons, 1 vision and 0 Euros in their own capital has grown into a global and worldwide respected corporation turning their vision into tomorrow's standards.

With the acquisition of new talent, F3F brought in the knowledge required to fulfill every customers need.

With proven experience, in the fields of technology, data protection, data analysis, energy, finances, telecom, security, consumer healthcare, among others, F3F is ready to provide solutions to the needs of the customers.

With it's global headquarters in the sunny Oeiras, a village close to Portugal's capital, Lisbon, F3F is providing worldwide solutions to it's customers spread through the world. With a presence in every continent, acquired in just 3 years, the goal is to offer more and more quality services to more and more customers. And F3F customers are very satisfied customers, as shown by a 100% satisfaction rate. F3F´s customer service has solved every issue from the customers.

F3F provides advanced solutions which deliver tangible benefits for every company, no matter of their industry, size or geographical spread. All F3F solutions are (and always have been) sold, installed and maintained through accredited channel partners. With direct relationships with every partner worldwide, the customer is always sure to get the best solutions, with local supply and support from a global corporation.

And F3F cares about our planet. The solutions provided to the customers help the companies to reduce their carbon footprint, enabling companies spread worldwide to work as if they were a small company in a small office, eliminating the needs to travel. All F3F solutions comply with the directive for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in Electrical and electronic equipment and the regulations for the disposal and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

It's not mandatory, its just the F3F's culture.

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