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What we do

The F3F Group, a group of affiliated companies, was created, in the aftermath of the terrible global economic and financial crises that almost drove Portugal into bankruptcy.

With a combined 40 years plus experience, in the fields of technology, energy, finances, telecom and leadership, the founders, who were part of a group known as the “Wiz Kids of Lisbon”, in the late 80´s take pride in what they do.

The goal of the company is to offer the best solutions to every need, every company (and individual) has. Either startups with a bright future ahead, or century old companies, are benefiting from this unique concept, creating a brighter future for the next generations. By adhering to a three-point philosophy of integrity, quality, and commitment they have led their organization to great achievements and success.

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”
- Chinua Achebe

The following are but a few select examples of the businesses F3F has developed:


Telecom as we've known for so many years is dead. Your telecom provider won't exist in 10 years from now, and neither the cost intensive, communications processes. F3F believes in technology and automated processes are the way to customer friendly telecommunications. That's why F3F is bringing it's customers and clients the best solutions to have high quality telecommunications with a huge ROI. F3F's telecom division is always looking worldwide for the best products to offer to it's partners. From Shenzen to California, F3F scans every new technology, and pass the results to the customers.


Companies security processes are primitive. Everybody knows this. 99% of the world information can be easily stolen as the companies holding them secure it in the most primitive ways. F3F developed new algorithms to secure the information, with proven results. After countless daily attacks to F3F's customers, not one single byte of information was stolen. Data is generated and managed by users who don't have any security concern. F3F takes care of that. Every device is protected. The users are generating their data on their devices, without a care. The users are using social media, surfing the web, purchasing on line, doing their financial transactions, amongst others, knowing that F3F is watching over their security. They are outsourcing their worries to F3F knowing that all their data and information is completely secure. The proprietary algorithm factors in more than 1.000 data points which are constantly changing, evolving based on newly identified patterns.


aaS is in F3F DNA. Offering the best integrated solutions, with the Security department, F3F Cloud is the most secure way the customers have their data on line. Offering a wide range of services, F3F has an unique approach to the cloud migration, creating the concept of EaaSS.


This is quite simple. F3F is delivering solutions to give better life quality to our customers. From Alzheimer patients to the average person, with a clean and healthy lifestyle, everyone can benefit from F3F's unique approach to preventive tools. The customers are healthier, and happier. And F3F is proud of it's achievements, creating a better planet, one person at a time.

Agile Data

At F3F every single byte is big data and is taken care of. Providing the best solutions to protect, analyze and control every single byte of information from the customers, F3F is a power Safe House for every piece of information. Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint, IBM apps, Blackberry are just a few of the platforms F3F is developing new technologies.

Innovative Solutions

F3F started as an idea for an alternate telecom concept in 2011 with the purpose of offering better communications to the customers. It has evolved like a wildfire spreading ideas, creating new solutions for everyday problems. Why? Because, everyday, F3F's managers are in direct contact with their customers, feeling their needs, creating solutions, and solving problems. Today's technology allows F3F to serve those customers with the best services. The plan for the future ahead of F3F is to constantly create, launch, test and scale products and services that make it more affordable, easier, faster and more convenient to have a better life, a better company, or simply to be happier.

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